S&P 500 Friday Selloff Doesn’t Signal Market Collapse, This Is What Might

The S&P 500 slid to close this past week while the Dow closed below its 100-day moving average for the first time in 215 trading days. Watch for these further breaks and deeper correlation before casting conviction.

00:00 - Introduction
01:35 - The S&P 500 5-day selloff
03:45 - Other 'risk assets'
05:25 - The Dow breaks its 100-day SMA
06:55 - September volatility: expectations vs reality
10:00 - Leverage and a dependency on stimulus
10:57 - Nasdaq 100 breaks 15,500 support
12:52 - Crude oil carves out a tight range
13:30 - USDJPY's unprecedented congestion and breakout risk
14:55 - VIX and VXX make a threatening move higher
15:30 - Monetary policy still a key theme
17:00 - Anticipation for the Fed: Dollar and CPI
19:50 - UK, New Zealand and Canadian data to watch

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